June 16th, 2023 – PIDB President Lindsay M. Timarong and staff, with the tireless assistance of Matt and Jimmy from Dewan Worldwide and Ready H2GO, delivered supplies to various families residing in the community of Zero Down in Ritidian, Yigo.

In the aftermath of typhoon Mawar, many families were left with total destruction of their homes and had to seek other means of shelter and daily sustenance. Many relief efforts were provided through different organizations on Guam and government programs.

After a brief assessment of where the most need is, PIDB President and staff focused efforts on assisting families in the community of Zero Down in Ritidian, Yigo, which is home to many COFA residents of Guam who are not eligible for FEMA recovery aid. PIDB joined in the aid effort by purchasing supplies to donate, including tents, first aid kits, diapers for kids, tables and chairs, comforters, and water donation from Ready H2GO and went out to visit the families and personally deliver their supplies.

It was a day filled with wonder and one which left us in awe of how we are drawn together in times of need, we become one family and reach out to help each other. We are thankful we are able to provide this help to families with elderly and children as they struggle to return to some normalcy after such a disaster.