Board of Governors

The governance of the Pacific Islands Development Bank is vested in the Board of Governors who represent the owners/shareholders of the bank. Each member country appoints two governors, one representing the Executive Branch and one representing the Legislative Branch.

The Board of Governors holds an annual meeting in March or April of each year to review the Bank´s operations and make major policy decisions. The PIDB governors are ultimately responsible for overseeing the Bank´s activities and administration, although in practice, they delegate many of those responsibilities to the Board of Directors.

Following are the current members of the Board of Governors.

CNMI Ralph DLG Torres John Paul P. Sablan
Governor Representative
CNMI CNMI Legislature
GUAM Lourdes Leon Guerrero Tina Muna Barnes
Governor Speaker
Guam Guam Legislature
KOSRAE Carson Sigrah Rolner L. Joe
Governor Vice Speaker
FSM State of Kosrae Kosrae State Legislature
PALAU Kaleb Udui Jr. Mengkur Rechelulk
Minister Delegate, HOD
Republic of Palau Palau National Congress
POHNPEI Reed Oliver Carlos Villazon
Governor Chief Division of Administration and Budget Officer
FSM State of Pohnpei Pohnpei State Legislature
RMI Brenson Wase Kenneth Kedi
Minister Speaker of Nitijela
Republic of the Marshall Islands Republic of the Marshall Islands
YAP Governor Jesse John Salalu John Masiwemai
Governor Vice Speaker
FSM State of Yap Yap State Legislature